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What Would Mitch Do
Mitch McConnell

What Would Mitch Do 

A Conversation With Mitch McConnell and What Would Mitch Do

Warning – Mitch has a foul mouth. 

The issue:  Can Nancy Pelosi help democrats bring voters to the polls to win in 2022?

This conversation takes place at an undisclosed location.

imjim:  Hello Mitch.

Mitch:  Sup?  (Mitch takes a seat)

imjim:  I’m alright.  Our conversation is about whether Ms. Pelosi can get voters to the polls to vote in 2022.

Mitch:  Are you here to bash Nancy?

imjim:  Absolutely not.  Ms. Pelosi is cherished by Democrats nationwide as by me as well.  Her prowess legislating is solid as a rock.  However, does she have the skill set to provoke folks to come out and actually vote for Democrats?  Because if you can’t get voters, you can’t win.  The voters we are talking about are minorities especially Black and Hispanic voters, key Democratic constituencies, and the target of Republican voter suppression tactics.

Mitch:  You talking bout whether the Speaker of the House can pull a “Stacey Abrams” for Democrats?

imjim:  Exactly.  What do you think?

Mitch:  Truthfully, no.  Not a chance.  I’ll tell you what my eyes see.  My eyes see this, if Nancy could get voters out to vote, she would have been along side Stacey – a one/two punch this past election. Nancy was nowhere to be found.  Nancy likes to play that “prevent defense”.  Ask any NFL player they’ll tell you, the “prevent defense” more times than not prevents you from winning.  What just happened.  Dems lost 15 whole seats – a chunk.  They had no plan, no strategy coming from leadership.

Speaker Pelosi
Speaker Pelosi

Same thing in 2016.  Expectations were off the chain for Democrats demolishing Republicans – 71% chance of a Clinton win.  Dems couldn’t lose.  Nancy was speaker.  What happened?  Dems get wiped out.  I’m talking bout drug thru the mud.  Nancy was nowhere to be found  getting voters out.  Nancy’s provokes Republican voters to come out.  That trend is trending now.  At least you and the bandwagon recognize a good trend.  Nancy does nothing to increase Democratic voter turnout. Music to our ears.  Look, enthusiasm in politics comes from the top.  Look at the Republicans right now.  Trump, a bonafide loser, is still the talk of tv because of the enthusiasm he evokes in his base from the top.  Where is the Democratic response – there is none other than your bandwagon right now coming from Dems.  Dems are fixated on fixing the fuckery of the GOP (Covid 19 and January 6, 2021), while state republicans are busy enacting new restrictive voting laws everywhere.  By the time Democrats realize what’s going on, their constituents – blacks especially – will be basically locked out of the voting process.

imjim:  So Democrats look like they will need another Stacey Abrams’ presence?

Mitch:  Another?  They will need many more Staceys this time around.  Dems need a leader that can excite their base like Trump does for the GOP from the top of the ticket – like an Obama.  Fortunately for Republicans, President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, senate majority leader, has as much rhythm with their Democratic constituency as Rep. Eliot Engel and Representative Joseph Crowley of New York – NONE!  It’s pathetic.  That’s why Dems generally need a surrogate.

imjim:  Really?

Mitch:  No cap.  I’m just keeping it real – ya feel me?  Check this – the first impeachment of Trump, right, somebody put a mic in The Speaker’s face and asked:  What are you advising your caucus?  She said words to the effect “Ya’ll do whatcha want to do” and walked off.  Come on man.

imjim:  I remember that.  I was expecting a fiery response myself.  Is there something Democrats can do to avert another election disaster?

Mitch:  Yes.  A Sun Tzu move is out there. (adjusting his glasses)  It’ll work too.  By the way, do you keep his book open on your mantle all the time?

imjim:  Yes.  It’s inspirational.  It stays on this quote; “Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”  So what’s the move?

Mitch:  (Rubbing his head) Hold on. I’m still processing that quote.

imjim:  The move Mitch, the Sun Tzu move?

Mitch:  Ok, ok.  Nancy Pelosi and the powers that be like (President Obama, President Biden, VP Harris, Jaime Harrison at the DNC) need to realize that Dems have what you might call a “political rockstar” in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in their bullpen.  She gets great press everywhere she goes.  The kind that excites people – all people.  The kind that gets people to the polls just by her showing up.

imjim:  Right.

Mitch:  Sun Tzu would pull Nancy to the side and explain himself.   Nancy agrees to acquiesce the speakership and Dems install AOC as speaker.  It would rock the political world.  Republicans would go ape-shit crazy.  They can’t handle her.

imjim:  Right.  I see (rubbing my chin).

Mitch:  The constituents that AOC walks with in her “pocket” as soon as she steps into the role – are young women and men, Hispanics, Blacks and Republican voters.  Everywhere she goes they go with her.  Nancy would look like the smartest politician in modern political history.  She’d go out a winner, instead of her last act – losing the house on her way out.

No surrogate needed.  AOC is enthusiasm personified.  Look at what AOC just did in “red” Texas and Ted Cruz’s response.  If you don’t think AOC could exploit Cruz’s response, in Texas, as the Speaker of the House you haven’t been paying attention.  She just put Texas in play.  Dems solve a major problem.  Look, 80 million people didn’t vote in 2020.  AOC turnt loose on ’em could possibly cultivate thousands of new voters.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Those people are “getable” with the right personality.  And with Joe as President, the bandwagon and a coordinated strategy, you 3 together would be a “tough nut to crack.”  She’s a bonafide threat to Republicans.  AOC could get Republican voters.  AOC knows how to frame issues that irks Republicans to no end.  She’s a feisty minority female that Republican white supremacists don’t know how to handle.  She can definitely play the “race card” right along with us Republicans.  You think her base is gonna let her fight them alone.  HELL NO!  They would come out in huge numbers that could overwhelm what state republicans are conjuring up as we speak.  Neither Nancy Pelosi, President Biden nor Senator Schumer possess political strength like she does.  Neither can play the “race card” like an AOC could.

imjim:  So AOC would be a game changer?

Mitch:  For real, for real. Absolutely.  She’s just what democrats need right about now to set a spark.  Don’t tell them i said that.

imjim:  Ok Mitch, I won’t.  But, do you think Dems would do it?

Mitch:  I’ll answer your question with a question.  Does it make sense?

imjim:  Yes.  It makes too much sense.

Mitch:  Well, if it makes sense they probably won’t do it.  It’s that prevent defense bullshit that’s gonna kill ’em. But you and that bandwagon gots plenty enough time to do some politicking.

imjim:  Thanks so much for your time Mitch.  This has been quite enjoyable.  I’m befuddled to say that, but yeah.  Before you go, what do you think about our bandwagon?

Mitch: (adjusts glasses and looks up)  It’s a bad motherfucker!  Nice.  And you tryna get democrats on board for the mid-terms in 2022?  Good idea and good luck – I don’t mean that really – but I do in a crazy kinda way.  Do some arm twisting for Sun Tzu’s AOC move.

Get on Board

imjim:  I will.  Thanks.  I’ll be in touch.


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