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What Would Mitch Do? A conversation with Senator Mitch McConnell Topic:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Mitch McConnell

What Would Mitch Do? A conversation with Senator Mitch McConnell Topic: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Warning:  Mitch has a potty mouth.

This conversation takes place at an undisclosed location.

Mitch is already seated.

imjim:  Hello Mitch.  Good to see you again.

Mitch:  Sup.  I see that AOC is the topic.  She’s a pure problem for Republicans.  They know it.  The Democrats don’t have a clue about how to use her.

imjim:  I realize that.  It was her relief effort in Texas.  She gave Democrats a tool that she could use to convince voters, new voters, republican voters to vote for democrats, with the message of we care about you.  I think that would go over well.

Mitch:  That’s the perfect setup.  In contrast you have Ted Cruz doing his thing, the absolute failure of the governor.  Then governor Abbott lifts restrictions on mask wearing, as the pandemic continues to loom.  People who have lost loved ones because of Covid-19 are pissed.  They feel as if it was a slap in the face to the tragedy of their loss, for the governor to lift the mask mandate.  They want somebody to blame – revenge!

imjim:  Mitch, Mitch.  Thats what I’m talking about.  Picture the energy of AOC right now in Texas, doing new voter campaigns, interacting with constituents – the young new voters especially – a blue gold mine with Speaker of the House in her back pocket.  You talking about a show of force.  The connect she would have – personified enthusiasm!  Just what the Democrats need.  It’d capture the news cycle immediately.  Wherever AOC goes the press goes too!  She’s electric and so passionate.  It’s unmistakeable.

MItch:  I saw it in the video clips.  It’s something to be reckoned with.  So how you gonna get it thru the thick-headed white Democrat leadership?  And don’t leave out the Congressional Black Caucus “tom’n for Pelosi?  That’s your problem son.  Pelosi does four things:

  1. she doesn’t lead*
  2. she raises money
  3. she can legislate
  4. *she has absolutely no rhythm – “0” zero with her constituents, black and brown voters – facts.

imjim:  you mean like AOC has in this video clip:

Mitch:  Only known to you and me she subtly introduces your concept of “She’s one of us” to the audience.  That’s powerful but it goes over a lot of people’s head – especially white Democrat leadership.  They don’t get it.  They got it with her and are not aware of it or how to use it.  You need to tell somebody.

imjim:  you feel me.  this blog is a start.  hey, we need to talk next week.

Mitch. Hit me up.

imjim:  Bet.  I’ll be in touch.

Democrat sitting at beach

What Would Mitch Do? A conversation with Senator Mitch McConnell Topic: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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