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Welcome to the Blue Wave Express Bandwagon
Democrats get on the Blue Wave Express Bandwagon for AOC to be Speaker of the House to Turn Texas blue.
2022 Mid-Term Election

Welcome to the Blue Wave Express Bandwagon 

Welcome folks.  Welcome again, to the Blue Wave Express Bandwagon. This is our second post.  This is a “political influence” movement that supports Democrats.  We have set out two “influence initiatives” to date.  Our objective is to defeat soundly Trumpism.  Trumpism is  donald trump, the FOX network, the white supremacist Republicans, and their white supremacist followers.  The “influence initiatives” are:

The 1st “political influence” initiative.

  • Move the NFL broadcast from FOX networks to BET.  FOX is a supporter of Donald Trump, an avowed white supremacist, and racist.  Revenue from FOX NFL broadcast funds the white supremacy movement currently going on in America.  Trump couldn’t have pulled off January 6, 2021, without FOX news. Black football players make up over 70% of the players.  The Blue Wave Express Bandwagon implore you to not play another down that’s broadcast over the FOX Network.  Instead award the telecast to BET as soon as possible.

The 2nd “political influence” initiative

  • The white supremacists in the Republican party have ramped up efforts nationwide to suppress the vote of Democrats constituencies – minority voters, especially Black and Brown voters.  The white supremacists GOP have no ideas for America so they have to cheat to win.  In our effort to turn out Democratic voters, old and new ones, Democrats need a voice in the public domain to deliver the Democrats message to Black and Brown voters, in particular to get them to turn out and vote.  Right now there isn’t one per se.  She needs to have the power of authority as she delivers the Democrats message – the Biden message.
  • To the “White Democrat Leadership”  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer –  You two have as much connection to the constituencies of actual Black and Brown voters to turn them out to vote as did Joe Crowley, a 10-term incumbent or Eliot Engel another incumbent – NONE.  If you could turn out Democratic voters we would have seen you in Georgia trying to help Stacey Abrams.  You 2 need to admit that, forthrightly.  Thats the very reason why “white Democrat” leaders need a surrogate.
  • Right now Texas is in play.   The effort to bring relief to the actual voters was done by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an Hispanic, one of them, not Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer.  She raised over $5 million dollars for ALL Texans – Democrats and Republicans.  The magnet of AOC as Speaker of the House could get these voters to come out to vote for Joe Biden’s message and Democrats not only in Texas, but across the country.  All the Democrats need is a spark.  AOC is it.
  • We are guaranteed to lose Texas with the speakership in Nancy Pelosi’s hand.  She can’t go to Texas and any other state to advocate for Democrats.  Unfortunately Pelosi is a magnet to bring our Republican voters to vote against Democrats
  • We oughta try and win Texas with the speakership in AOC’s hand.  She’s not perfect.  But she is good.  We can’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  • That makes sense.  But you know what they say:  “If it makes sense, Democrats probably won’t do it”.  We need to change that and the change needs to come from the 80million+ who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket.
  • It will come down to the 80million+.  Do you want to try and win Texas with AOC as Speaker of the House or definitely lose Texas with Nancy Pelosi.
  • The is where the 80million+ can congregate to speak with one voice.

This post is all about Representative Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and the type of person she is.  The videos of AOC in this post, paint the perfect picture for a Blue Wave movement.  They show how she connects with the common folk.  She is such a genuine person.  AOC overwhelms audiences wherever she goes – an infectious personality.  In Texas, she speaks Spanish the language of the constituencies we are trying to convert.  She can go to the red states and work magic for Democrats.  We have to give her a chance.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Puts Texas in Play For Democrats

This would be the biggest political movement in recent history.  Speaker Pelosi, with the party establishment in total support, calls a news conference and completes the process.  This would flip Republicans out.  They wouldn’t know what to do.  Republicans know the power of AOC.  We have to make that known to the “white leadership” in the Democratic party.  They will be the problem.  The Blue Wave Express Bandwagon will lead the way.

Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House Pelosi holds the key for Democrats to turn Texas blue. Getting or letting go – which is more important.

The Blue Wave Express Bandwagon offers the more than 80+ million voters who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket, a place to come together for this effort.  We are more powerful together.  We got work to do. So get on board.

I’ll be in touch.

Democrat sitting at beach

P.S.  Don’t miss the conversation with Mitch McConnell.  We discuss AOC and get his raw response.

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