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The Charisma of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Desus, AOC and Mero. Hood Good - Ride or die
2022 Mid-Term Election

The Charisma of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

The accompanying video clips are essential to get to know the true AOC.  Turning AOC loose on Texas with the mantle of Speaker of the House gives Democrats the best shot to turn Texas blue in the last 50 years of politics.  It would be seismic in it essence.  It’s the death knell to Republicans.   Even Nancy Pelosi should want this.

Caveat:  YouTube videos can only be manipulated from the beginning.

Knock Down The House – Netflix

The charisma and energy of AOC is infectious in this Netflix documentary.  Her personality gripping.  There is no better person to bestow the Speaker of the House mantle on if Democrats desire to turn Texas blue.  From the jump she announces unequivocally that she is “everybody”. with a zeal and passion that connects to everyone in her presence.  Every Hispanic in Texas will be able to relate to AOC’s mother at 46:00.  Drive the white supremacists Republicans out of our political landscape with AOC doing the driving.  Enjoy AOC – she’s to be reckoned with!


AOC Goes Back to Bartending in the Bronx – DESUS & MERO – SHOWTIME

AOC viewed by more than 2,031,506.  With her “Obama cool” always on display, a delightful AOC entertains the audience with her “connect” to the streets.    It’s hard to find that in a politician but she has it all.  Democrats use her!  From 3:41 – 4:20 a politicians’ dream.

She’s too genuine.  Below is what some of the 80million+ think of  AOC:

Comments about AOC

AOC comments

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Bringing Moral Courage To American Politics – Trevor Noah – The Daily Show

As always what’s so moving are some of the 80million+’s response.  Below are a few of the comments:


Comments From Daily Show

From all across America she has what it takes to get the interest of the next generation.  They are just waiting on somebody to get behind.  Democrats need to “offer up” AOC.

Las claves de la victoria de Alexandria Ocasio, la joven latina que sacudió el partido demócrata

(Title Translated) The keys to the victory of Alexandria Ocasio, the young Latina who shook the Democratic party

Blue Wave Express Bandwagon 2nd Influence Initiative – Implore house Democrats to give the Speaker of the House title to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She puts Texas in play with her relief efforts.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Leading
AOC’s relief effort helps gets Dems Texas.


Democrat sitting at beach
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